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Autohide me! Menu Item

The program default is to always autohide the game control menu. To make the menu appear, you can do any one of the following:

Double Click anywhere in the main game screen

Move the mouse to the very top of the screen

Move the mouse to the very bottom of the screen

Move the mouse into the upper left corner (under where the menu will appear)

You can turn on or off the 'Autohide me!' feature by selecting the 'Autohide me!' menu item. Each time you click it, you change the toggle the status from Autohide me! ON to Autohide me! OFF or visa versa. The check box to the left of the menu listing indicates the status. The Autohide me! feature works whether you are playing in full screen mode or playing in windowed mode. The game looks and feels best if you leave Autohide me! ON and play in full screen mode.

The game screen with the default 'Autohide me!' OFF setting and full screen mode:

The game screen with the menu displayed always: